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Please note, the library is closing.

Our last ever drop-in session was held on Friday 17th June 10-11.30am at the NCT playgroup, Goldsmith Centre, Sprotbrough.

Consultations are still available under my Doula services using this booking link here.


Come along on the day to get 10 minutes of advice, try on a maximum of two slings (if time allows) and/or hire a sling. 

Entry Fees:

These are paid directly to the NCT and are towards the running of their playgroup; this does not get paid to the sling library. 
£2 per adult and for each child over 6 months
£1 charge for babies under 6 months. 

Noah's Arc Sling Library Fees:
If you need help with your own sling but don't need to hire from us, this is £5.00
If you're in need of some general advice, e.g. you're pregnant and wondering about slings, this is £5.00


Hiring one of our slings is £5.00 per week (per sling) or a reduced £15.00 for 4 weeks. The advice you get is free when you hire; if you don't hire then it's £5.00.


The above fees help us to keep running the sling library; prior to Covid we would sometimes have 10 people come to see us asking for advice on their own slings and our expenses for the session wouldn't be covered. 

If you need more in-depth advice, for example you have twins or higher multiples or if there are other considerations such as a disability which may effect comfort and/or safety for either the wearer or the "passenger", please book a consult.



Abby is amazing and so helpful. Have hired from the library several times as well as attending workshops.

- NIcola

We’ve had a great experience with Abby - she’s been incredibly helpful and knowledgable. We weren’t sure what carrier we needed or whether we would use it enough to warrant buying a new one. We had a zoom meeting where Abby presented me with several options as well as helping with my confidence in putting my boys on my back alone - that service alone was invaluable. We then chose a carrier to hire for a month and have used it multiple times for both children.
We’ve always been keen walkers, but for several years have stuck with pushchair friendly routes. Now our boys are older (2 and 4) we’ve been venturing further afield but found it was too far for little legs. This is where the carrier came in as it saved us from shoulder rides and piggy backs and allowed us to take on longer walks on varied terrain.
It’s great to have a carrier that is comfy for both children and can accommodate a 4.5 year old as easily as a 2 year old.
I have no hesitation in recommending Abby - we will definitely be back if we ever need another sling for holidays etc. Thank you 😊

- Vicki

I had a consultation with Abby before and just after my first child (because let’s face it there are a million slings/carriers.
I I have rented a few and gone on to buy three carriers.
When my second daughter arrived two weeks ago I went for another consultation to remind myself how to carry a newborn. With a 23m age gap a carrier is definitely needed and as usual it has sleepy dust on it and my second falls asleep within a minute!! of putting her in it. I can do laundry/cook/look after my toddler all with a sleeping baby on me.
Abby is patient, extremely knowledgable and so friendly.

- Charlotte