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What is a sling library?

We are a fully trained and insured sling library service. 

There are literally hundreds of different slings out there but not all will be suitable for your specific body shape, your needs or the age of your baby. Slings are such a personal choice and so the library is here so that you can hire a sling for a few weeks (or more) to see how you get on with it in everyday life rather than just trying it for a couple of minutes and not getting a real feel for it. You will get advice on how to use the sling safely, too. If you decide you love it then great! - you can go on to buy one! If you decide you hate it, then never mind - we have more for you to try and you didn't spend a lot of money on a sling you will never use.


Fees are £ 5.00 per sling each week or a reduced £15.00 for four weeks.

We accept payment by cash, PayPal, bank transfer and debit card.


In order to be accessible to all parents, we do not charge a deposit for our slings; however, as a result we do request that you replace a sling if you have damaged or lost it. 


Hire is subject to our terms and conditions which can be seen during library sessions, consultations and workshops. 

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Brilliant service!! I booked a 2 hour consultation with Abby as I didn’t know what sling I wanted or which one was right for me and my baby. Having a baby who is premature and small, I wasn’t sure which sling would be best for her.
Abby was amazing, she listened and took on aboard what I wanted. She had a wide range of different slings at the workshop. Abby went through these, showing me how to use them and given me a chance to try them myself and my baby. Abby was patient and very knowledge, she is very passionate about what she does!
At the end of the 2 hours, I came away with two slings as I liked them both and still do for different reasons. The hire scheme is a great idea to ensure you get the right sling for you and your baby. With a toddler and a new baby, the slings are making my life soo much easier.
I 100% recommend booking a full consultation with Abby and using the sling library!!

- Rachel

Abby is so dedicated, patient, professional, warm and friendly. The facilities and range of slings available is incredible. It's a truly brilliant concept - Abby takes each of your needs into account and has you leaving with a gorgeous sling that you feel super confident using. Thank you so much Noah's ark sling library, we've now got my little girl who cried every time she was put in the sling we originally purchased, to being happy and comfortable in one and it's been amazing for me as I can strap her to me and have my hands back for the first time in 5 months!! Abby you are fabulous! xx

- Becky

Brilliant service !!! Amazing advice and great help each time I’ve been !!! Abby is very welcoming and happy to show you any sling options ...can’t recommend Enough !!Thankyou !! 😁


- Katie