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A workshop is where Abby will teach a small group of people on how to use a specific type of sling or specific types of carries with a sling such as a woven wrap, using demo dolls and then their own children. 


We offer a variety of different workshops which cover different slings and different ways to use them depending on what is being requested at the time. At the moment, these sessions are limited to four attendees (plus their little one/s).



£17.50 per person

If you can't see the one you would like to attend, do get in touch and if there's enough interest we will arrange one.

We have an online booking system here.

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Abby is amazing and so helpful. Have hired from the library several times as well as attending workshops.

- Nicola

Brilliant service from a lovely lady! Never knew I was so indecisive until it came to choosing a sling! Abby has been so patient with me and given me such good advice trying to get the right sling for me, which I finally have. I decided on a fidella fly tai and I love it! Thank you so much!

- Dawn

Absolutely fantastic!! Love that we have a sling library locally when I first had my baby I had no idea how much baby wearing would save me and my little girl 👧🏼💓. 9 months on and a few visits later we are still using and loving our slings after initially hiring and testing them out. It gave me confidence to know I was using slings correctly for long term use too. Thank you for such a wonderful service! Can’t recommend you enough 😁

- Charlotte